The Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC)

Royal College of Psychiatrists offers its membership through a set of three written exams, followed by an OSCE type exam-Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competences(CASC), designed to assess the knowledge and clinical skills at a defined point in training. From trainees’ perspective, it poses a challenge due to diverse scenarios and low pass rates.

CASC exam has been introduced by Royal College in 2008. It is conducted in morning and afternoon sessions in the form of two circuits. There are 8 stations in morning (four linked) , each linked station has 10 minutes duration with additional 90 seconds reading time. In afternoon, there are 8 single stations, each single station has 90 seconds preparation time.There is a break between both sessions.

At present*, CASC exam is held in English Institute of Sport ,Coleridge Road, Sheffield, S9 5DA

*(Previous venue: Don Valley Stadium Sheffield S9 3TL)

Written Paper Component

Royal College has introduced Paper A and B from January 2015 ( previously included Paper 1,2 and 3).

Please check this link from Royal College website for further information: