I completed your last course (?July) and just wanted to let you know that I passed the exam – I got 86.1% (pass mark was 62.2%) and passed every single station. I’m really e-mailing to let you know that I found your course invaluable. The set up you used was essentially the same as on the day and it really helped my nerves to have done it all before. I know that all my friends from my revision group (almost all of whom attended your course) also passed. I hope you continue to run the course for future trainees and thank you

Dr Kimberley Kendall

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the rest of the Cardiff mock casc team. I recently attended the mock casc, the experience and advice I gained was invaluable.
I passed casc and I have no doubt that the Cardiff mock greatly improved my chance of passing
Dr Danika Rafferty
Thank you for organising CASC course this year which I have found to be most helpful. I am delighted to let you know that I passed CASC exam first time in Sept
Dr Shichao Sun
Just wanted to thank you again for an excellent day at the mock exam today.
It was very well conducted and extremely useful for me personally.
I would like to convey a HUGE THANK YOU to the organisers, especially Dr Omer Minhas and Dr Fernando, who gave me the opportunity to attend the mock following a last minute cancellation, as the number of candidates was limited to only 8.

Before this mock I had absolutely no real clue about what the exam actually involved or how to prepare for it,  as this was my very first attempt at any OSCE based exam too, (being a PLAB exempted Foreign medical graduate ).

The organisation, the structure of the mocks, including the arrangement of the cubicles gave a true feel of the real thing due to a great attention to detail. The entire feel of the day though realistic in keeping with the real exam , was generally friendly and not at all intimidating.

The most helpful and constructive personalised feedback and encouragement through the day helped me build my confidence as I really had no clue as to how to approach the stations .I was able to develop a sense of self belief from the verbal individualised feedback immediately after the mock , which helped me with further develop through practice later on .

The written feedback (sent by special delivery) was very prompt and extremely useful.

The materials including the food provided was great and a huge bonus , especially considering the very nominal course fee .

I would most definitely recommend the Cardiff CASC and sincerely hope that the organisers can continue to do their great work

Dr Rahul Chandavarkar

I am very thankful to Cardiff Casc training which has indeed played a part in helping me passing the exam-  Dr Anita Naik

I work as a specialty doctor in EMI. The Cardiff CASC training helped me to keep in touch with the trainees and also able to find people who are interested to form a discussion group. I feel it is very important to have a group before CASC exam especially if you are working as a specialty doctor.

Dr Omer Minhas with his team never left a stone unturned with the CASC stations. They are very similar to the main exam and structured in a way that you feel you are reading the exam scenario in Sheffield. The feedback from the consultants came in handy to improve my non verbal communication. Dr Minhas also advised me how to prepare for this exam, which was very helpful in passing the CASC exam. I very much appreciate the CCT teams support and help ( every one in their team ).
I truly recommend Cardiff CASC training for all the trainees and specialty doctors

Dr Bangarraju Surredi


The courses and events organized by Cardiff CASC training have been popular and successful for the last many years. Dr Omer Minhas has added a new dimension to the course by writing a manual which covers the essential ingredients that can lead to success in MRCPsych examination.This manual will enhance the concepts of learning with an added dimension of live feedback from experienced trainers in a challenging yet friendly atmosphere. More importantly Omer has followed the Royal College of Psychiatrists guidance for CASC exam to promote observational learning mechanics in an informal yet structured manner.

Dr Tayyeb Tahir, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist/Honorary Senior Lecturer, Cardiff


I have been fortunate to have been involved, as a facilitator, in previous incarnations of the CASC preparation workshops  organised by Cardiff CASC Training. These have, I think, been very useful for candidates preparing for the CASC but it is gratifying to see that the Cardiff CASC Training team , lead by Dr Omer Minhas, have examined how the format could be developed and improved using other aspects of learning and educational theory.

Dr Ceri Evans, Consultant Psychiatrist (Old Age Psychiatry) Cardiff


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Dr Mini Manoj says:

    Thankyou Cardiff Casc organisers,examiners and actors who helped me in my preparation and passing the Casc exam.The verbal feedback by the examiners and actors were invaluable.Hope Cardiff Casc continue to help more psychiatrists to pass their exams.

  2. Rupert Thurston says:

    The Cardiff CASC Mock represents great value for money and I found it incredibly useful in preparing for the exam. I’m sure being familiar with the rough layout/ timings when in the actual exam helped me concentrate on task and manage my anxiety level.
    I would not hesitate to recommend it.

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